More Folic

Potent on the deficiency & gentle on the stomach
MORE-FOLIC® is a unique supplement that has the 4th generation folic acid “Quatrefolic” which is awarded as a novel nutrient, and it is the 1st in the region of its kind to combine the potency on the deficiency with being gentle on the stomach.

Folic acid is a well known nutrient that is used in many essential biological processes in our bodies; like cell division, methylation and DNA gene regulation & converting homocysteine to methionine. (1)

The history of folic acid started in 1931 as 1st generation folic acid. In 1945 the 2nd generation folic acid came to the food supplement market and it stayed for long until 1995 when the 3rd generation folic acid was developed. (1)

The latest 4th generation folic acid entered the market during 2011 and made the revolution in folic acid supplementation. (1)

What is Novel about More-Folic®?
MORE-FOLIC® has the 4th generation folic acid “Quatrefolic” which is NBT awarded as a novel nutrient. (1)

MORE-FOLIC® contains the active form 5-methyltetrahydrofolate glucosamine salt which has high water solubility & long standing stability compared to other formulations where folic acid has to be activated first, and then the body can get the benefit out of it. (1,2)


MORE-FOLIC® has improved bioavailability compared to other forms of folic acid available in the market, and this will add better absorption and benefit of the supplied folic acid. (1,2)


MORE-FOLIC® is proved safety by the FDA & European standards as it will not cause any accumulation of inactive ingredients. This benefit was not found in the previous generations of folic acid. (3)

MORE-FOLIC® will not mask vitamin B12 deficiency as with other folic acid formulations. (1,2)

Who can benefit from More-Folic®?
Any patient who is in need for folic acid can get the maximum benefit out of More-Folic®, specially women preparing for conception, pregnant women, & lactating mothers. (4,5)

More-Folic® 600mg is given once daily for better compliance and the pack contains 30 capsules.


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