Viva Biotic

VIVABIOTIC® 500mg vaginal capsule is a natural combination probiotic of Lactobacilli and Cranberry extract for treating vaginal imbalance. VIVABIOTIC® helps in reducing vaginal discomfort, itching, burning sensation, dryness, unusual discharge, and unpleasant odour. Regular use of VIVABIOTIC® helps to decrease the recurrent vaginal infections

According to the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Guidelines of 2010, most women will face a vaginal infection throughout their life. There are three main causes of vaginal infections: the fungus (yeast), the parasite, and the bacterial organism. Although they differ in the symptoms the woman faces but the main and clear symptoms are: vaginal irritation, vaginal itchiness, abnormal vaginal discharge, burning sensation, and an offensive odour.

There are several factors that may play a role and increase the risk for recurrent vaginal infections in any woman, and of the most important factors:

  1. Antibiotics → taking an antibiotic for a long duration can kill friendly bacteria allowing yeast to over grow.
  2. Corticosteroids use for a long time or having HIV → will cause suppression of the immune system and increase the susceptibility of the woman to vaginal infections.
  3. Oral contraceptives use or pregnancy → this will cause changes in estrogens level and accordingly alter the vaginal environment by changing hormone levels there.
  4. Diabetes → diabetic patients will have increased sugar levels which can provide a friendly environment for yeast overgrowth.
  5. Menopause (vaginal atrophy) → during menopause the estrogens level decreases, vaginal atrophy can happen, pH of the vagina will be altered, and the susceptibility for infections increases.
  6. Use of vaginal douches → douching can change the delicate balance of vaginal flora and acidity in a healthy vagina, and accordingly predispose women to vaginal infections.

VIVABIOTIC® can help restore a normal balance of vaginal organisms, which could reduce the chance of developing a vaginal infection.

For this reason, women who frequently experience yeast infections, or who are taking antibiotics, are often advised to take VIVABIOTIC®.

The main ingredient in VIVABIOTIC® is Lactobacillus acidophilus which will work by producing lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide that will aid in preventing bacterial infections and normalizing vaginal pH.

Another natural ingredient is the dry Cranberry juice extract which will work in part by preventing pathogenic bacteria from adhering to the vaginal wall.

Why to use VIVABIOTIC®?

VIVABIOTIC® is a natural combination that will restore the beneficial bacteria ‘Normal Flora’ in the vagina, which will help in preventing recurrent vaginal infections.

VIVABIOTIC® is a safe product ‘Natural Combination’ to be used by pregnant women ‘who are at high risk of recurrent vaginal infections’, lactating mothers, and diabetic patients who are at risk for recurrent vaginal infections.

VIVABIOTIC® will help in normalizing vaginal pH and reducing vaginal discomfort, itching, burning sensation, dryness, unusual discharge, and unpleasant odour.

VIVABIOTIC® has excellent patient compliance since the vaginal capsule is inserted deeply in the vagina once daily at bed time for up to 7 days, and then as prophylaxis once weekly for three other weeks → (once daily for one week, then once weekly for three weeks).

VIVABIOTIC® is presented in a pack of 10 Vaginal Capsules.

Finally we will add the results of the two trials that have been done on vaginal capsule probiotic (one in China and one in Italy).